Diet Meal Planner | Monday

With a less than favorable weekend (see my previous post), inventing a meal plan for today was not that difficult, now that I know what potholes I have to look out for.

I made one rule for myself. Yes, only one. It’s to have breakfast every day for the rest of my life. I never want to burst into tears again from the effects of hunger again! Even if I am in a hurry, I will grab something wholesome and nutritious from the fridge. It is easy to prepare in advance and keep in the fridge for several days anyway. So I will have no more excuses, and won’t be side tracked by family members who is not very supportive. 😉

I also increased my water intake per day from 2 litres per day to 3 litres

This is what I will be eating today. Join me if you like. It’s a sure thing to keep you full


Egg and Broccoli Cheese melt

Jasmine Green Tea


Piece of cheese

Jasmine Green Tea


Sardine Salad with Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes and Cottage Cheese


Chicken and Greenpepper Crockpot

For the recipes, go to my blog at The Blissful Housewife


Diet Meal Planner | Thursday

Here is the meal planner for the food I had to eat today:

Its based on 3300 kilojoules for maximum fat loss, with minimum starches included to correct my carb metabolism (1/4 of combined kj comes from carbs). –

From my “Diet that everyone talks about”

kj in meal = 880 kj
1 egg Omelet, with Grilled Mushroom, cheese, tomato and garlic filling
Jasmine Green Tea

kj in meal = 1285 kj
Grilled chicken and spinach salad
steamed cauliflower
pumpkin grilled

kj in meal = 1150 kj
Tuna, asparagus and feta salad on a bed of butter lettuce

Very tasty!

Grab the recipes of each day’s meal plan from my other blog, the blissful housewife

Remember to drink more than 8 large glasses of water today.

Diet Meal Planner | Wednesday

boere-brekvis-picToday’s Meal Plan

These are food choices made by myself from a food list available in the the low starch diet (the South African revolutionary diet called “the diet that everyone talks about” that I am currently following very strictly.

Its a 13 week program which involves 3 different phases diet (a limited and very strict metabolic corrector diet, the second diet starts to phase in starches and the third phase is a maintenance plan which allows responsible and controlled cheats and helps you make good food choices to keep your new improved weight for life). The type of foods I eat in phase one includes  protein, LOTS of veg, injections (B12) and homeopathic appetite suppressants-

Today’s meal plan is based on an energy expenditure of 3600 KJ worked out for my sedentary lifestyle to maximize fat loss and muscle preservation.


Egg and Spinach quiche

Jasmine Flavored Green Tea

Kilojoules for this meal: 1200 kj


Microwave Patty Pan Cheese melt

Green Tea

Kilojoules for this meal: 1000 kj


Grilled skinless chicken

Large mixed salad

Kilojoules for this meal: 1360 kj


Vegetable Crudites

Kilojoules for this meal: 60 kj

Total Kilojoules ingested: 3560 kj

Hope you like it.  I know I will.


To access the recipes for the meal plan click on the link to go to my other blog, called the blissful housewife

What do you think of the meal plan? I would certainly like to hear your opinions and comments 😉